Mission Style Furniture Plans

mission style furniture drawings

If you have woodworking experience it may be worth your time to look into building your furniture on your own. This can be a satisfying experience and will save you quite a bit of money. We recommend you visit a site like FurniturePlans.com or PlansNow.com and search for “mission furniture” or “mission style furniture.” We have checked both of these sites and found some amazing mission style furniture plans. These sites are both well worth a visit if you plan to make your own furniture.

We recommend that you do your research very carefully before making a final decision. If you have never constructed mission furniture before it will be important to take your time and be thorough, since many of the vertical lines of the mission style can create extra smaller parts (such as slats) that will be more time consuming and harder to construct.

Some of the features you can find in these plans are:

  • Step-by-Step Instructions
  • Shop Tips and Techniques
  • Cutting Diagram and Materials List
  • Tool Setup Illustrations
  • Full-Color Photos and Exploded Views